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Friday, April 1, 2011

On How to Take a Beating*

The video below showed *bully hitting gay boy at a public school in Mata Grande in the state of  Alagoas, Brazil.

Put simply: the reason is that thee gay boy, named Lady Gaga, would have spread rumors that he and the bully had had "an affair" and everyone is talking about it (tongue-waggers all!). "Aren't they BOTH gay?" you may be asking. Yes, i'd say. Now, THIS is Latin America... Or, boys at this age want to have their cake and eat it, too...

The bully and the video shooter have been suspended. Outcry on You Tube: "Where were the school authorities?" We now know that after the suspension, the students will be attending school in different shifts... Imagine the tension...

Is this bullying or what? Should he take on somebody his own size? Or should they break up in public, (globally...), and then turn around and "make up" big time? I say:  "make up" and then videotape it all, **age-appropriately (OF COURSE!), and let us all know. (Video's been removed for inciting hatred)

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  1. Of course it is bullying. And where were the teachers. It went on too long without intervention. That means not only are teachers not paying attention, but with all the bystanders, no one considered getting an adult to stop the slapping. That's terrible. The administration should be suspended. The town should be calling for some straight answers. No one deserves to be slapped around like that.

  2. One hundred percent agreed, Stan.

  3. When i was a very young boy on the farm..a rooster wood make my life hell. I turned and chased him one day,so hard he almost died, Wasn't fit to eat. no one said anything to me. So be careful bullies XTREME ANGER can make us very powerful. Later in a garage a slur was brot up about me from school days.I was determined to stop it rite now. I hit him once a drove him over the hood of the car. He is a "friend ?" now.. crippled. I had a haraser at work latter, he verbally sexually harased me ( I'm gay), but so sneaky no one wood see it.He"s dead now from cancer.I try not to view it with justified vengence. Weyb.

  4. Thanks very much much, Weyb.

    I'm willing to bet that we all have bully stories to share. Luckily, we grow out of them, but with the scars, of course.