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Monday, May 23, 2011

On When Girls Don't Stand a Chance of Making it Out of Their Nine-Month Abode

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"India's 2011 Census reveals a serious problem: a big decline in the number of girls younger than 7 years old, a sign that the practice of aborting female fetuses may be on the rise."

Half a cent's worth.

You see, while most of us may think this is unconscionable, if you come to think of it, it may very well be a blessing in disguise.

We all know that, culturally, India has an endemic problem with poverty and we all shake our heads in utter disgust when we see pictures on major TV channels, and we think they do this on purpose, when their "photo-journalists" point their cams to things we would rather do without. We also see images of million-rupee marriage cerimonies and islands of progress where people are multilingual and are bedecked in golden jewellery. Unfathomable.

Also, on this very subject, one Indian politician, commenting on this worrisome trend, is quoted as saying that in the future, if you don't stop the offing of girls, "there will be no girls to marry and we'll all become gays." All very well, we say. We live in a modern world, where even in Brazil, top courts are now recognizing same-sex relationships. I know most of you are in the U.S. and you are hopscotching through the issue of same-sex civil unions and all...

For most of you out there, it is the same discourse we hear in more conservative niches in our own societies where "ideologies" hold sway. We could make the case that education education education would turn-change the wheels of fate...

There's got to be a beginning somewhere.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Botox Children and Their Mad Parents

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Obviously an anomaly. It is high time those in the know and in the power put the kibosh on this insanity.

People have very short memories. Were it to be otherwise, they would remember an excruciating tale of murder which will forever be in the dark. One such child, in those very United States, was taken out of this world for the very reason, we assume, her caretakers did not think clearly and were just drifting unconsciously in this sea of beauty madness.

Children are children and should be protected under lock and key from the apparent hunger some in this distorted cultural industry prevalent in modern countries, where people literally bend themselves out of shape, have for pageants and such like.

Children are beautiful the way they are and they do not need enhancements of any kind.

It is unfathomable how some, led by illusions of perfection and greed, will go to any length to advance their unhealthy agendas.

If you must keep with the game of using your children and other people's children for gains and the Sun knows what else, do please incorporate strict rules. Law-abinding rules. And then, only then, knock yourselves out.

Let us be away from this maddening crowd. Oy vey!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

On Planetary Alignments and Writer's Block

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Writer's block seems to have taken over me therefore rendering me unable to write about anything meanwhile people who are reading me and peek into this blog expect to find a little something which is hard by the way because it is not always easy to write the way i am used to writing which makes people stop and think especially those in the know.
Is it the new planet alignment on the cosmic agenda for may twenty first this year that is making me feel this way or is it my own soul tired of all the shit it has been witnessing in those parts of the world and what with powerful bankers trying to rape chamber maids in fancy locations in fancy cities in the world well what with powerful men being sexually active? Nah, maybe i will come up with something suitable for these pages as soonuhs i get a grip and wield the sword of knowledge and valiantly tread the loom of storytelling and make something out it with meaning and substance which is hard to acquire and no this is not a veiled message my very saying so says the contrarian view and poor souls will not devote a second to these ramblings they are busy with their own shit.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Brazilian Top Court Says Yes! to Gay Civil Unions

60 thousand gay couples have won a major victory. Their unions have now become equal before the law.

Ten of the 11 Top Justices at the Brazilian Supreme Court said yes to two cases that had been brought to them.

One of  the Top Justices was not allowed to vote because he had been the attorney in one of the very cases being discussed today.

When the legislative omits the Supreme permits.

Which country is next?

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So, There's Hope for Same-sex Couples in Brazil?

Yes, there is. Top Justice Carlo Ayres Britto (pictured), writing for the court, said this afternoon that, of course, gay unions are legally binding. So, his is the FIRST vote.

Tomorrow afternoon, in another plenary session, we are going to hear from the other Justices in the panel.

Why? "Due to the lateness of the hour and because Justice so-and-so had to excuse himself...", and with our hearts in our throats, we will have to wait till tomorrow afternoon for their final decision. That is, if none of them requests a further review of the case. God (very secularly!) forbid!

This writer begs your pardon for he is unable to write in Legalese.

Can we start celebrating? I favour Veuve Clicquot.....

Monday, May 2, 2011

On When Terrorists Are Taken Out of The Picture

When we think there is nothing of substance to see on TV,  boom! there comes the breaking news bit heralding that this, that, or the other has happened.

So there was! Last night, the American president went live on TV to announce what many had given up for yesterday news. Yes, the location and elimination of a notorious terrorist which had been looming very large in many a mind, especially in the West. Ah, for many reasons...

What seems incredibly strange is where the bad guy was hiding out. In plain sight by the way, under their very noses, in a million-dollar compound, virtually a stone's throw from a major military academy, miles removed from bombed out caves as previously publicized.

Enough to feed conspiracy theorist's baskets with tales of, well, conspiracies...

Evidence of the deed - the one bullet through the head (and the body!) - has been forever buried in the vast reaches of the deep blue sea... "tipped off the deck of the USS Carl Vinson in a white weighted body bag with Islamic religious rites"... Way somewhere... In the North Arabian Sea.

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