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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Botox Children and Their Mad Parents

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Obviously an anomaly. It is high time those in the know and in the power put the kibosh on this insanity.

People have very short memories. Were it to be otherwise, they would remember an excruciating tale of murder which will forever be in the dark. One such child, in those very United States, was taken out of this world for the very reason, we assume, her caretakers did not think clearly and were just drifting unconsciously in this sea of beauty madness.

Children are children and should be protected under lock and key from the apparent hunger some in this distorted cultural industry prevalent in modern countries, where people literally bend themselves out of shape, have for pageants and such like.

Children are beautiful the way they are and they do not need enhancements of any kind.

It is unfathomable how some, led by illusions of perfection and greed, will go to any length to advance their unhealthy agendas.

If you must keep with the game of using your children and other people's children for gains and the Sun knows what else, do please incorporate strict rules. Law-abinding rules. And then, only then, knock yourselves out.

Let us be away from this maddening crowd. Oy vey!

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  1. It is sad that our societies place so much importance on superficial beauty. The case of children's pageants is but a sad example as is the Miss Universe and the like.
    We saw a beauty queen lose her crown because she wasn't at all on the intelligent side and aired her hatred and disdain for people different than herself.(Carrie Prajean) yes, she was beautiful on the outside but she had no brains; and the little girl in Colorado...Jo-Bennet Ramsey still rings a touch of sadness to my heart.
    I had two daughters and I would never push them on to the limelight in order for me to gain validation. They even took ballet and piano, much to my chagrin because their mother forced them to do it. That too is a form of coercing children to do things they would not ordinarily be inclined to do
    great post Mauro

  2. Many thanks, Raulito. The "gain validation' bit in your response seems to be the sore spot. Why is it that we do that to our children? I think the whole Industry is sick... What a pity!

  3. I hope parents won't do that to their kids because they have really sensitive but natural and young skin. It is even healthier when parents just allow their children to grow. Thanks for the heads up!
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  4. The kids definitely don't need this treatment that early. This procedure is good for the adults who wish to eliminate those obvious facial lines.

  5. Agreed, Facelift. Thanks for your comment.