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Sunday, May 15, 2011

On Planetary Alignments and Writer's Block

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Writer's block seems to have taken over me therefore rendering me unable to write about anything meanwhile people who are reading me and peek into this blog expect to find a little something which is hard by the way because it is not always easy to write the way i am used to writing which makes people stop and think especially those in the know.
Is it the new planet alignment on the cosmic agenda for may twenty first this year that is making me feel this way or is it my own soul tired of all the shit it has been witnessing in those parts of the world and what with powerful bankers trying to rape chamber maids in fancy locations in fancy cities in the world well what with powerful men being sexually active? Nah, maybe i will come up with something suitable for these pages as soonuhs i get a grip and wield the sword of knowledge and valiantly tread the loom of storytelling and make something out it with meaning and substance which is hard to acquire and no this is not a veiled message my very saying so says the contrarian view and poor souls will not devote a second to these ramblings they are busy with their own shit.

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  1. From where I see should be in a celebratory mood...after all, Brazil has approved gay unions...while here in the US all we do is throw vitriol at one another.
    But I suppose that is what motivates some of us to blog.
    Don't despair, your planets will align just right and on a moonlit night you will break out in prose.

  2. Perfect, Raulito! Thanks... We are. Gaywise, things really are improving in this country. Who knew?

  3. Writer's block doesn't last forever. And naughty boy, you still got to mention the DSK mess... Here the French are unburying a long-forgotten concept: "presumption of innocence". Go figure!

  4. Eduardo, you are back full gas? Great. I'm CNN'ing the whole DSK mess to see what comes out of it...

    Obviously, the famous economist could have done without this faux-pas... Ah, go figure!!