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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So, There's Hope for Same-sex Couples in Brazil?

Yes, there is. Top Justice Carlo Ayres Britto (pictured), writing for the court, said this afternoon that, of course, gay unions are legally binding. So, his is the FIRST vote.

Tomorrow afternoon, in another plenary session, we are going to hear from the other Justices in the panel.

Why? "Due to the lateness of the hour and because Justice so-and-so had to excuse himself...", and with our hearts in our throats, we will have to wait till tomorrow afternoon for their final decision. That is, if none of them requests a further review of the case. God (very secularly!) forbid!

This writer begs your pardon for he is unable to write in Legalese.

Can we start celebrating? I favour Veuve Clicquot.....


  1. I have my bottle in the wine cabinet getting ready...I hope to be able to celebrate with you.


  2. Thanks, Raulito. We will celebrate today. We're gonna be saying Cheers! Oh, yes, we will.