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Saturday, June 25, 2011

On The Victorious Vote in The State of New York

NY - Albany: New York State CapitolImage by wallyg via Flickr

We have a winner!

Equality has finally made it to the state of New York. We all know the drama and the waiting activists and LGBT folks had to endure till the the 33 Yays settled the matter for good. "33". Third time is a charm.

The usual nay-sayers were on hand to throw spanners in the whole machinery as they are wont to do when Vanguardism threatens their hegemony. They are everywhere.

They are here, too. Did you know that the philosophical basis for many in our neck seeps down from the United States? Yes, they read (is that the word?) your books. Plus, it is frightening the amount of influence they have in the corridors of power. Miraculously (can we use that word?), for New York, the bill passed and has been made into law.

Miraculously (that word, again!), the huge monolithic block of established philosophical ideologies is collapsing and soon to be turned into mere dust... May the Gods be listening!

Now, with a huge sigh of relief, gay folks will be able to celebrate their unions in 30 days' time, if they so wish (and their divorces when time comes...). Till then, we hope they start sending us invites... and first-class tickets to attend their wedding cerimonies. We want to fly in style.

Congrats, Albany!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On When Tobacco Does Not Stand a Chance

Lit Cigarette with some smoke around.Image via Wikipedia
Will the new graphic cigarette warnings to be placed on cigarrete packs be of any help?

Bloomberg:"Canada, the U.K. and Brazil are among countries that require graphic cigarette warnings. One in five Canadian smokers reported smoking less as a result of the graphic labels in a 2004 study of more than 600 people."

It's entirely up to you to make the decision to stop smoking. Health labels and other goings-on to make you wake up and smell the smoke, erm, coffee, is doomed to fail if you, yes, you yourself don't reach way down into the farthest of yourSelf and quit it.

We have heard, in not so common channels, that those who smoke tend to smell horribly in many levels. .. That's right. We are told they smell of carrion in the Astral Plane. Of course, some of you will most definitely consider that a bucketful of swill. 

So, for the very reasons you think that smoking is kosher for you, others will think that listening (and accessing?) to Quantum-physical stuff is kosher for them... Can we argue either for or against?

Your call.

Ah, I don't smoke.  Plus (TMI), I love the smell of fresh soap and clove (not the cigarette!) and a two-day stubble breathing down my neck...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On False Lesbian Blogs and Assorted Hoaxes

Rainbow flag flapping in the wind with blue sk...Image via Wikipedia
Dear Readers,

I hereby acknowledge that I am who I say I am.

I am no Lesbian either from the north of the Rio Grande, nor am I a Lesbian from across the vast Atlantic Ocean. Nuh!

I am what I am. No need for introductions! I gather most of you are what and who you say you are...

Now, it is your call to decide whether the false lesbians are to be "indicted" on their bad, bad, bad deed. I find it reprehensible. Trying to personify somebody you are not by dint of a good cause does not quite cut it. It does not because we all know what people in "those parts of the world" go through. Also because we do not like hoaxes. We militate against them.

Also, in "these parts of the world", folks have a long row to hoe when it comes to LGBT rights. While they are not buried alive or stoned to death (are they?), folks are tired of dodging ideological, religious literature thrown at them. Zing!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

On How Brazilians Could Help the U.S. Economy

Panoram Cristo Redentor, Bahia de Guanabara, P...Image via Wikipedia
Time: "Tourists from Brazil are the freest spending travelers in the world. So why does the U.S. make it so difficult for them to visit?"

Beats me, darling! This blog, commenting on a document released by Wikileaks, says that they classify us under The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, in reference to a famous flick known widely around the world.

Plus the fact, we have learned, that they make a good bunch of us grow roots and endure with jobian patience while waiting for our "Visa$"...

I would vote for our changing our travel destinations and go "samba-ing" in other necks where our hard-earned cash is wanted. What says you?

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

On How to Beat Drug Use

Drug use is a scourge. Nobody can deny it.

Will the decriminalization of drugs be the answer those impacted by and afflicted with drug-taking are looking for?

The more we look for answers, the deeper we seem to wallow in lack of hope. Granted, some people do drugs because they want - of their own volition.

Recently, we have read in the British press that one young man had died for taking drugs bought in a night club he had gone to. He was underage. His father blamed the 'hedonistic drug culture' prevalent in modern  societies for his son's death. Was it really? How much responsibility do parents have?

What about the abuse of legal drugs (pharmaceuticals)? We all have read and been appalled by reports of gruesome deaths either in the hands of doctors purportedly administering the drugs to their celeb patients or by the celebs themselves who live in a world of make-believe.

That is why the likes of Judy Dench and Richard Branson et al. are saying a review of current methods to tackle the drug problem is to be carried out. Are they responding to the fact that, according to a report, the 'Global War on Drugs' has been a failure?

Some governments are diametrically opposed to the suggestion that legalizing some drugs and making money out of them will stop people from using them. Cigarettes and alcohol? Is there a way out?

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Like It's Been Blown Off by The Big Bad Wolf

But no. It's the Mother of all Bitches. She has been at it, again. We gotta take Her seriously.

No more paper and wood housing in Tornado Alley, or wherever the hell Her fancy strikes. Remember Japan?

 Ah, no use invoking deities when She is hell-bent on razing you to the ground. Be smart. Beat Her, if you can. Ah, Yes! You Can!

Here in Springfield, MA.

And in Joplin, MO.

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