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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On False Lesbian Blogs and Assorted Hoaxes

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Dear Readers,

I hereby acknowledge that I am who I say I am.

I am no Lesbian either from the north of the Rio Grande, nor am I a Lesbian from across the vast Atlantic Ocean. Nuh!

I am what I am. No need for introductions! I gather most of you are what and who you say you are...

Now, it is your call to decide whether the false lesbians are to be "indicted" on their bad, bad, bad deed. I find it reprehensible. Trying to personify somebody you are not by dint of a good cause does not quite cut it. It does not because we all know what people in "those parts of the world" go through. Also because we do not like hoaxes. We militate against them.

Also, in "these parts of the world", folks have a long row to hoe when it comes to LGBT rights. While they are not buried alive or stoned to death (are they?), folks are tired of dodging ideological, religious literature thrown at them. Zing!

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  1. Mauro: and we are glad you are who you are.