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Thursday, June 9, 2011

On How Brazilians Could Help the U.S. Economy

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Time: "Tourists from Brazil are the freest spending travelers in the world. So why does the U.S. make it so difficult for them to visit?"

Beats me, darling! This blog, commenting on a document released by Wikileaks, says that they classify us under The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, in reference to a famous flick known widely around the world.

Plus the fact, we have learned, that they make a good bunch of us grow roots and endure with jobian patience while waiting for our "Visa$"...

I would vote for our changing our travel destinations and go "samba-ing" in other necks where our hard-earned cash is wanted. What says you?

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  1. I am crazy over Brazil...we need to Open the world more.

  2. I was not aware that Brazilians and other South American nationals needed a visa to visit the US as a tourist. How absurd. I have had a desire to visit Brazil for many years but have never had the stars and planets align (that is: money and time together). I still listen to the great Brazilian Samba artists, especially when I'm at the beach and just want to get lost in a dream.

  3. We do, indeed, Corve. Now, current policies in place in the U.S., we all know, make it more difficult.

    FD. Yes, we do. It is actually a Via Dolorosa for us to get a Visa... And thanks for enjoying our music. Ah, do fly to Brazil when possible.

  4. It is indeed very strange that the neighbours from South America need visas to enter The USA!

  5. Duta,the rich amongst us have easy passage, we hear.