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Saturday, June 4, 2011

On How to Beat Drug Use

Drug use is a scourge. Nobody can deny it.

Will the decriminalization of drugs be the answer those impacted by and afflicted with drug-taking are looking for?

The more we look for answers, the deeper we seem to wallow in lack of hope. Granted, some people do drugs because they want - of their own volition.

Recently, we have read in the British press that one young man had died for taking drugs bought in a night club he had gone to. He was underage. His father blamed the 'hedonistic drug culture' prevalent in modern  societies for his son's death. Was it really? How much responsibility do parents have?

What about the abuse of legal drugs (pharmaceuticals)? We all have read and been appalled by reports of gruesome deaths either in the hands of doctors purportedly administering the drugs to their celeb patients or by the celebs themselves who live in a world of make-believe.

That is why the likes of Judy Dench and Richard Branson et al. are saying a review of current methods to tackle the drug problem is to be carried out. Are they responding to the fact that, according to a report, the 'Global War on Drugs' has been a failure?

Some governments are diametrically opposed to the suggestion that legalizing some drugs and making money out of them will stop people from using them. Cigarettes and alcohol? Is there a way out?

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  1. I think that a good place to start is to realize our "war on drugs" is not working and decriminalize this bullshit that has imprisoned so many for a deed so insignificant.
    I also think that it would be significantly helpful if we took all 12 yr olds on a field trip to the morgue, open one of those refrigerated drawers and show them a victim of a drug overdose.
    But the war on drugs will continue because it is a cottage industry that supports not just the drug dealers but thousands of judges, law enforcement and a lucrative prison system (where it is privatized) What would they do if there were no penalties for drug use? can you say unemployment?

  2. You add to my text, Raulito. Many thanks.