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Saturday, June 25, 2011

On The Victorious Vote in The State of New York

NY - Albany: New York State CapitolImage by wallyg via Flickr

We have a winner!

Equality has finally made it to the state of New York. We all know the drama and the waiting activists and LGBT folks had to endure till the the 33 Yays settled the matter for good. "33". Third time is a charm.

The usual nay-sayers were on hand to throw spanners in the whole machinery as they are wont to do when Vanguardism threatens their hegemony. They are everywhere.

They are here, too. Did you know that the philosophical basis for many in our neck seeps down from the United States? Yes, they read (is that the word?) your books. Plus, it is frightening the amount of influence they have in the corridors of power. Miraculously (can we use that word?), for New York, the bill passed and has been made into law.

Miraculously (that word, again!), the huge monolithic block of established philosophical ideologies is collapsing and soon to be turned into mere dust... May the Gods be listening!

Now, with a huge sigh of relief, gay folks will be able to celebrate their unions in 30 days' time, if they so wish (and their divorces when time comes...). Till then, we hope they start sending us invites... and first-class tickets to attend their wedding cerimonies. We want to fly in style.

Congrats, Albany!
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  1. Mauro:
    I don't know if you are aware that in order to pass it the New York Legislature had to agree with provisions to allow religious organizations to continue to discriminate, spread the hatred and the efforts to humiliate and persecute gays. But at least now, they will not have a say and the State of New York won't be doing that for them.

  2. I do know. All those provisions. Same thing in Brazil. The are actually quaking in their boots, doing everything they can to get away with "whatever".

  3. So do I, Marc.... More now that we know they've leapt forward.