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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On When Tobacco Does Not Stand a Chance

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Will the new graphic cigarette warnings to be placed on cigarrete packs be of any help?

Bloomberg:"Canada, the U.K. and Brazil are among countries that require graphic cigarette warnings. One in five Canadian smokers reported smoking less as a result of the graphic labels in a 2004 study of more than 600 people."

It's entirely up to you to make the decision to stop smoking. Health labels and other goings-on to make you wake up and smell the smoke, erm, coffee, is doomed to fail if you, yes, you yourself don't reach way down into the farthest of yourSelf and quit it.

We have heard, in not so common channels, that those who smoke tend to smell horribly in many levels. .. That's right. We are told they smell of carrion in the Astral Plane. Of course, some of you will most definitely consider that a bucketful of swill. 

So, for the very reasons you think that smoking is kosher for you, others will think that listening (and accessing?) to Quantum-physical stuff is kosher for them... Can we argue either for or against?

Your call.

Ah, I don't smoke.  Plus (TMI), I love the smell of fresh soap and clove (not the cigarette!) and a two-day stubble breathing down my neck...

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  1. I think we can argue against things that are generally unhealthy to people. In the US, our constitution specifically states that the government should "promote the general welfare" of the people. I don't know about other nations, but I believe that most would have something very similar to protect their citizenry. Regardless of whether or not people want to smoke, or chose to smoke, I think we should ban cigarettes altogether. The only reason for anyone to "want" to smoke is that they are so addicted to them that they refuse to quit, mainly because they are too weak to do so. They rationalize by taking the stance of "I'll smoke if I want to, it's my right to kill myself, if I so choose." And that's very true, but I am sure that nobody would choose to kill themselves slowly by smoking. That's fear and addiction talking. Fear and addiction brought to people by our wonderful Corporate "for profit" tobacco industry. Business or not, I don't believe that we should allow anything that threatens the health or well being of our society. We have to prevent people for becoming slaves of Corporations.
    Who in their right mind would insist on becoming addicted to something that costs a tremendous amount of money and will eventually lead to a shorter life? Only a weak minded individual who became addicted during a phase in life where they wanted a thrill and thought "they could handle it". But as we all know, we can't handle it. And, since the tobacco industry keeps targeting people with advertizement and enriching cigarettes to make them even more addicting, it's harder and harder for people to make choices logically, and not drown their logic by emotional responses to withdrawal.

  2. I wish i had the balls to say it like you do, Stan. Thank you. Cynics say that because some of you are cop to THEIR jive, Big Corporations are transferring their businesses to "Emerging Markets" and Asia where politicians, when campaigning, offer cigarettes and ice-cream to their potential voters... God Forbid!

  3. Hi Mauro:
    You stated the case very well...however there are other points one has to consider: I for one, have never seen a healthy cadaver. The other one is that I would much rather have somebody with a 5 day stubble not just breathing but nibbling my neck. lol

  4. Raulito, that one is Rich! Nibbling is fine. There's lots more, but our french is limited...