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Saturday, July 9, 2011

On When the Sad Realities of Life Jolt us Back to Our Senses

Most of us young or old enough to write blogs are very well aware of hunger problems in Africa. Actually, most of us came of age eating up the food on our plates because our mothers were always there to remind us that "Hey, What about those kids in Africa?".

Now, you see, in this day age, when most of us are dying of heart disease and other ills because we stuff ourselves to a ball particularly, we read, in the south of the United States where most of my readers reside. Sadly, again, we hear of skeletal human beings migrating from point A to point B in the horn of the Old Continent.

Quite frankly, I thought we had grown past that small detail in geopolitics. But, hello! we haven't.

While we know billionaire foundations based in the U.S., or maybe elsewhere, are busy providing pharmaceuticals (of course!) to the dispossessed in those arid lands, we see little in the way of relief organizations bringing about education and the wherewithal to make people in that parched neck of the world aware of their surroundings and perhaps give them hope for a better world. Perhaps knowledge on how to grow crops and manage resources, if any,  for unrainy days.

(The) BBC informs us of a mother, gaunt and tired, who dragged herself and her SEVEN stick thin children to a camp in another country (!) where help and nourishment is being offered. Most of the children's arms, the slightly overweight reporters tell us, are no thicker than my elegant middle finger.

Meanwhile, we watch the horror scenes in disbelief and we wonder whether this will ever be a thing of the past. We could go on...


  1. Mauro:
    What seems even sadder is that here in America we have begun to abandon all social programs as is the desire of Republicans.
    The ADAP program has been reduced so drastically that HIV recipients are being kicked out left and right in what amounts to death sentences.
    Education cuts, welfare and food assistance are also suffering in the hands of Republicans while they institute their scorch-earth agenda of eliminating any of the New Deal legacy.
    Sadly, the American people are too naive, too aloof or distracted to even understand what is being done to them.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Raulito. We are keeping our fingers crossed for you folks in the U.S.

    Where is this world going?

  3. Some may care about this shit, but the real true is most of us really don't give a fuck about this. I know this is cruel and ruthless, but thats just the way is has to be. We are about the business of feeding our own cocks. Nothing else matters

  4. You hit the nail precisely on the right place, Anonymous. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Just yesterday I was eating out with friends asking them how can we eat here when others can't even afford to put food on their tables. I wish I could feed the world!