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Monday, August 15, 2011

On When Straights DON'T Get a Pride Day

This deserves our attention. See post below.

The mayor of São Paulo, after giving it much thought, we think, decided this past week not to sign the ignominious bill (the one that gave straights their Day in the calendar) into law and things get back to what they used to be prior to this inanity coming to light. Phew! That's in less than ten days.

He is quoted as saying that it makes sense that women, blacks and other racial minorities who have suffered brutality and abuse have a red letter day in the calendar for it reminds us of "tolerance and peace."

Activists and the world say "Thank you, Mr Mayor, for you have done a good deed."

So do we!


  1. Well done, Mr. Mayor -- we don't need to celebrate the status quo.

    Speaking of celebrating, happy blogoversary - sorry I missed the festivities! Keep on writing!

  2. Many Thanks, Intelliwench (it's the "wench"). And thank you for your kind words.

  3. Just think Mauro, in America they just not only get a straight day...they also get 365 days a year of hatred spewing out of their mouths and homophobic vitriol being vomited from churches' pulpits...and there are many people who listen to it...I might add.


  4. In that case, Raulito, GOD forbid! What with your presidential candidates.... Cause for concern with their "Dominionism" thing.... GoD forbid2!

  5. YAY! Good job, Mr. Mayor. He deserves a parade. :)

  6. He does, J.P. We will be parading down Paulista Avenue, right smack in the middle of the nerve-center of São Paulo.