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Friday, August 5, 2011

On When the Straights Get a Pride Day

It's to happen very soon in Brazil. I am not kidding. The São Paulo City Council has recently approved legislation to designate the third  Sunday in December as Heterosexual Pride day.

Activists are all up in arms denouncing the inanity for the obvious reasons: why do straights need a Pride day if  they are not the ones who are suffering discrimination from left and right, high and low? There is a petition by Change.Org on the Internet asking people to plead with the mayor of São Paulo not to sign the ignominious bill into law.

Ah, a conservative councillor, the one responsible for the measure, (and  i am not naming him..) says he does not want a parade with all the bells and whistles but he felt he should help to preserve Brazil's eroding "morals". Apparently, gays commit a lot of excesses and he should be the one to put the kibosh on it.

LGBT activists are not happy with the  whole thing and are busy, very busy, doing their utmost to toss the bill in the waste bin.

A man's work is never done... Vey iz mir!!

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  1. Someone should remind them that every day of the year is pride day for them...not only do they celebrate their heterosexuality openly and without admonishment or even the raising of an eyebrow but they carry it further than that by trying to "cure" or "convert" us.
    Has anyone asked any of these people when did they decide they were straight?

    Saludos Mauro


  2. Thanks, Raulito. Today's newspapers tell us that the mayor of São Paulo is of "two minds" about the whole issue. In one line he said: "São Paulo has 11 million inhabitants and there should be room for discussion..."

  3. I thought everyday was Heterosexual Pride Day! There's not a day goes by I don't see those dirty dirty heterosexuals wondering the city hand in hand, kissing! It's disgusting! ;)

  4. Thanks, J.P.

    Good news, though. The Mayor of São Paulo will not sign the bill into law. He said it was "unfounded". We say: Great!