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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On When There is Nothing to Rant About

We have been looking for something interesting to write about while living out our lives in slow-news days.

Some of you will beg to disagree saying that there is lots happening both here and up there and over the Oceans. Sure there is.

Now, thing is we are all so jaded with all the bomb blasts, train crashes, speculative news on the economies of Europe, the republican candidates in the United States and the possible electability of the incumbent and the mad scrabble towards the resuscitation of the American economy for you see if "them yanks ain't buying, we ain't selling" and what with them getting poorer. True!

There's more: U.S. bikers getting "unwittingly" lost in that country and then being freed and then..., the dream of statehood in the Holy Land (?) and we could go on...

There was the Miss Universe thingy going on in São Paulo and this stunningly beautiful (of course!) girl from Angola (!) taking the crown. She really does light up the blog post, does she not? Now,  THAT is a change, right?

Meanwhile, behind closed doors (who are we kidding?), "leaders" meet up to decide the fate of the world.

We grin and bear it...

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  1. As a child I would sit and watch beauty pageants with my parents, but as an adult I just don't understand why they still exist.

  2. I hazard a guess, Ian: It may be purely commercial; it does have a way of promoting the country where it is being held and brings lots more attention to the country where the Miss resides. All win-win.