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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On Same-sex Marriage in Brazil

A quick note just to let everyone know that The Superior Court of Justice, Brazil's highest appelate court in the country, has just ruled on a 4 - 1 vote that Same-sex marriages are now LEGAL.

Gay folks can now, well, get married. Marriage certificate and all, thus laying to rest fears of ever having to be rejected by registry offices, and this that and the other....

Bigots and such like are now left with a catch in their throat.

It all happened earlier this afternoon, October 25, 2011. Meanwhile, congrats are in order. Who's next?

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  1. Congratulations Brazil! Wishing all gay couples there happiness and love.

  2. Equality has come a lot earlier to Brazil than the country that boasts of basing its very essence on equality...the US of A...
    In any case...I raise my glass and toast to the country I love so much...
    Brasil, meu Brasil Brasileiro


  3. Guys, thanks. Surely, the US of A is watching, ain't it, Raulito?

  4. Mauro, I'm so happy for all of Brazil. You make us proud. Well, we here in the US won't be next. As long as more nations choose to extend marriage equality to GLBTQ I don't care who is next.

  5. Thanks, Kyle. GLBTQ's have a long row to hoe, unfortunately. In some countries, activists are giving up. We do hope that at least in the Western Hemisphere, all the countries, from north to south, start waking up TO smell the coffee.