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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On Violence Against Children

The previous post and a promo for a documentary on the abuse of children to premiere on an international news channel has triggered this blogpost.

It often goes unnoticed to us here in the Western Hemisphere, and when it happens we all go mad as hell about it, the fact that the world is chockfull of nations that treat their children like dogsbodies and disposable pack animals.

Many, to our eyes, unenlightened creatures around the world, especially as we move towards south Asia and Asia (!), Africa  seem to regard their children simply as chattel, soldiers or promissory notes for bonded labor. Many, still, favor one gender over another, which for us is horrifying.

We are not saying that things are paradisiacal here in our neck of the woods and further up across the Rio Grande. There is much room for improvement all over the Americas.

However, the video below has left us all speechless and wondering whether that was a montage or the real thing. It happened in China. A child being run over by a vehicle and then being left behind for dead...


"In the disturbing video captured on a surveillance camera, a toddler named Yueyue is hit by a white van in Foshan, China, near a busy market. The van pauses, then lurches ahead."

The child, unfortunately, has died in hospital. Food for thought.


ABC - Toddler Struck Twice by Hit-and-Run Vehicle
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  1. Mauro, most people would be very shocked to see how our lives in the US fuel atrocities around the globe. They simply have no clue. Most don't want to have a clue to the suffering they cause. It's hard to live with once you do know.

  2. True, Kyle. I do sense change in the air. We are witnesses to new paradigms slowly emerging from the streets of American cities. Be of good cheer, meanwhile.