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Monday, October 3, 2011

On When the Sad Realities of Life Come Crashing in

Life and its paradoxes: Amanda Knox and her boyfriend, Rafaelle Sollecito, have been cleared of murder charges in the death of the British girl, Meredith Kercher on Nov. 1,  2007. 

A weight, a huge weight has been lifted from their families' shoulders. Now, another huge, huge weight has been placed on the murdered girl's family in the form of horrible doubts and disbelief. What, can anybody tell me, were the involved up to that fateful night? Sounds hollywoodian, but it is real life.

Parents are usually left in the hands of destiny when they send their children abroad to study. Or quite frankly, even in their own backyards their worst nightmares rear their ugly heads.

Parents have the best of intentions and they never expect that they children are or will be party to horrible acts, such as crime and murder. We people who have had young people under our guidance know very well the challenges involved in laying down the law and explaining to recalcitrant children that course of action A is better than course of action B. Sometimes, we do lift up our hands and say: "we give up". Understandable.

Surely, we know, children do have to fly away from the family nest and build lives of their own. Sometimes we are relieved, sometimes we have a huge weight in our hearts. We do not know what is going to happen down the road, or up in the skies.

Surely bad luck has befallen the families involved in this huge abnormality for, it is evident, they have been through hell. We cringe at the thought of ever having to go through such a horrific experience... 

Shakespeare wrote, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio / Than are dreamt of in your philosophy". (Hamlet,  Act 1:  Sc. 5  line 166 - 167)

That explains the mystery before us, especially now that they are "back to square one", quoting one the murdered victim's family members. Or does it?

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  1. I think this the right thing, the strength of the evidence was shockingly poor.

  2. There are more things under heaven and earth but I do not think that it explains the mystery. So much of what goes on in the world seems to be missing the simply causes and effects of "if you do A, B will be the consequence." So often, if you look hard enough there will be cause A and effect B, but cause A will have come from some unknown so far removed from effect B, for many mysteries ever to be solved.

  3. Mind, Writer, Thanks for your comments. We are awash in doubts about the case. It is fascinating, international and contains ALL the elements we look for in the juiciest murder reads currently available in bookstores.

  4. Best to have doubts and act within the law than to execute a man as they did in Georgia that had been convicted as the doubts came to surface later...they killed him anyhow...I agree that sometimes cause and effect is almost predictable...but at times the waters are muddied and the clear-cut evidence just isn't there.

  5. You got that very right, Raulito. Wrong convictions are not the answer, either. What's truth? At the center here, we have nations, politics, and diplomacy!