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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On when Doctors Meet Celebrities

And vice versa. The result is death. Some doctors, some celebrities, that is. When doctors take their Hippocratic Oath to the letter, the result can only be kosherness and ethics.

Sadly, this is not what we have been reading about on the Internet. The recent case of the doctor who's been sent to a place where he can collect his thoughts is an example. While there are those out there willing to cater to celebrities' whims and forget that the road to riches is not in some fancy bedroom should expect to be reprimanded in the strongest terms.

The people, in this case, have decided that there has got to be responsibility and that human life is sacred. Whosoever-so's life. Surely we all know that there is much, much more than meets the eye in this so infamous trial but, still, proper consideration should be given to what has just happened. Writing prescriptions for tormented souls just because they are yapping at your feet is simply wrong. The quick bucks you make are just that: quick, swift, and transient!

On another level, legal substance abuse, locals tell us, is a way of life in that big country up to the north, more especifically in that area of the country where the tyranny and, most importantly, the pressure of the showbiz industry takes its toll on its victims. Substance abuse is big business. What is it that keeps the cogs of  the machinery well-oiled and functioning properly?

The crux of the matter is that, and we say this without being judgemental in the negative sense, when people (anyone!) resort to strong anesthetics, applied in the operating room, "to go to the valley of death and back" is simply because those people are already semi-dead. The will to live is no longer there.

What whirlwind of emotions has breathed life into that song we like? Do you know?

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  1. Very good points. I had propofol as an anesthetic for my colonoscopy. You don't sleep, you lose time! I closede my eyes and when I opened them again, it was like no time had past. I did not feel rested. I felt confused, like I was "missing", like I had no recollection of the past half hour or so. Sleep deprived, or not, I can't see that being an alternative to restful, rejuvenation sleep. And I especially can't understand how a doctor, who knows the effects of the drug, could even suggest that it would be helpful. We need to learn to deal with our health difficulties with changes in our habits, not be extreme medication. And doctor who does not prescribe that first, should not be allowed to practice medicine. Period.

  2. Hi, Stan. Thank you. The last line of your comment adds to my text. However, it's been aired that people make use of the drug for "highs" or "lows", some are lucky when they come back, some aren't.