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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On When the Sweet Hand of the State is There for you

Vidigal Favela - Stunning views for dwellers

Police presence in Rio's slums brings hope to a people long inured to neglect. Carrot and stick?

Because it has not always been like this. It has always been like it was before we heard it on the news. Misery, death and destruction. And people without hope.

As of last week, the heavy hand of the State rolls in bransishing its just sticks and bringing along with it sheaves of carrots. And those with forlorn lives now breath a sigh of relief.

Some don't! Some are escorted out and carted off to be put away where they can do no harm. Some manage to break away only to blend into Rio de Janeiro's countless slums. Perhaps to perpetuate the cycle? Hopefully not.

The inhabitants of Rocinha and other slums in Rio de Janeiro should have been granted "order and progress" long ago, way back before being driven onto the hills. The State is now tasting its bitter medicine.

Mindful of the repercussions, and in preparation for two important events to happen in the country in 2014 and 2016, the governement of Rio de Janeiro was swift to implement changes on years of official neglect.

Surely they have to give those people some time to get used to what is perceived normal in other areas of town and, in fact, of the country.

We choose to believe that things will improve for those in Rio's most infamous urban territories. They've got to!
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  1. As Brazil becomes more affluent and even if they are feeling the effects of a world-wide economic morass...the Brazilians don't have it as bad as others elsewhere...therefore, it seems that they are now directing their attention to the devastating poverty that they suffered almost forever. I hope they can bring in a little ray of sunshine and some hope while at the same time not abusing or using extreme brutality on the citizens of the favelas.
    The other option of course is to let it stand as it is, festering with drug wars, misery and hopelessness.
    I am not there and I can only speak from my limited exposure to the favelas and its culture...Mauro, you better than anybody else could give an accurate assessment on this issue.

  2. I hope to be able to keep you posted, Raulito, as to whatever developments at the Favelas. For now, people are slowly beginning to breathe "normally". Caged animals now out in the open...