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Monday, November 14, 2011

On When There is Engagement in The Fight Against Killer Diseases

Poverty is a scourge anywhere, but it is the cause of death and disease in the United States and the rest of the world where immunological disorders are prevalent.

We've recently come across a piece in The Advocate about how a former NBA superstar, Magic Johnson, is faring well 20 years after going public with his HIV status. We've even commented on Facebook, solely by looking at Mr Johnson's plus-size physique, that "Aids is the poor man's disease". Could that be the case?

In the story, we read that instead of discouragement at the lack of progress in the discovery of a cure or a vaccine: "He instead was concerned with bringing infections down, especially in the African-American and Latino communities. The latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control paint a harsh picture, especially for blacks. Though they only make up 14% of the population, African Americans account for 56% of all people in the country living with HIV. They also represent nearly half of all new Infections each year."  The Advocate

In the link, there was also the news that the sportsman had been handed a one-million dollar check for his foundation, "which provides scholarships, housing, and access to HIV testing in disadvantaged communities."

Good. It is better than nothing. Also, one would expect that those in the know ought to expand the view that education AND nutrition are important factors in bolstering people's immune systems. Especially, as we read elsewhere that: "Poverty is a major contributor to the HIV and Aids epidemic among African Americans. Poverty and a disadvantaged upbringing often cause young people to drop out of school early, preventing them from gaining access to well-paid and stable employment or causing them to lose a sense of self-worth and be drawn into illegal or socially unacceptble activities (such as drug use) that may put them at direct risk of HIV", according to Avert.Org

One might add other illnesses as well, like the monstrous heart disease, which accounted for 49,353 deaths (35%) among black American women in 2007 out of a population of 20,257,139! This is in the CDC's Deaths: Final Data for 2007, vol. 58, # 19 (May 2010). 

We are not communists in the slightest - we happen to think that there is virtue in merit - why not start collective farms where people have the chance to learn farming techniquers to apply in their own backyards? When we say farming, we mean organic farming

Surely where there is a will there is a way. In Cuba (!), pardon me, they have vegetable gardens everywhere... It's called Urban Agriculture. Meanwhile, till they get that vaccine or cure, or that farm, fresh and green, watch the video below for surprising insights.

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  1. 56% of African Americans count for all those with HIV. In America, that is a shocking statistic!

  2. Mauro:
    I am Cuban and know this stuff. In Cuba this kind of thing is done out of desperation...there is so much need and hunger that they have been forced to resort to extreme measures such as rationing and home gardens.
    As far as the cure for any illness is in my opinion way far off in the future as long as the pharmas continue to make such outrageous profits. One would think that they but ground up gold in those pills when in reality the ingredients are rather common. Follow the money.
    Also, you have a country like the US where AIDS is thought by the Evangelicals to be a punishment from God for the sin of being gay.
    great post.

  3. Raulito, Thanks. I agree with what you say, but only in part. Home gardens are not an extreme measure, they are a necessity. Cubans are the better for it.

    Obviously, too, that organic nourishment is a not a panacea - a cure-all. What is a cure-all is the integration of Big Pharma, with bona fide practicces, with nourishment and other possibilities. All of them deserve looking into.

    Been reading your blog.