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Friday, December 23, 2011

On Holiday Wishes

Ever since Time was chopped up into segments, Humanity has felt the need to apportion subjectivities, and Absolute Truths,  to various periods: the need to celebrate Wintertime; the need to celebrate Summertime; the need to celebrate sowing and harvesting;  and there was a time to kill, and a time to live.

Time, then immaterial, became objective, tangible. You can now almost touch it. Do you own It?

Many of you, i know, are unalloyed atheists and agnostics and you could not care two hoots about this or that celebration. Some of you are Spiritual. Some of you are just humans without an agenda.

Regardless of how you view Time, i thought it would be okay to wish you happy holidays and that the next segment, be It and end or a beginning, be filled with attainments and achievements, quantic and otherwise, and that you feel you have evolved a notch or two towards whatever you think is your personal Evolution.

Whatever you've been drilled into, make sure you make the most out It. Once It's gone by, It can never be retrieved.

Many cheers!


  1. Mauro:
    Thank you for the happy holiday wishes. This agnostic could care less about the religiosity of the holidays...but I do like to celebrate...I like to go to parties and be with family and friends.
    As far as is an illusion...I think only I wish I had a little more of it left. Nobody has been able to find a way to actually stretch the biological life span allowed to us...sure life expectancy is better but when you are towards the autumn or the winter solstice of your life as I am you can't find any more ways to stretch it.


  2. I'm glad you are enjoying what you have got, Raulito. Here's for a stretch: Cheers!