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Saturday, December 3, 2011

On When Interracial Couples are Banned From Churches

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In this day and age, it is simply unconscionable. 

People are so enmeshed in their religious dogma that the mere thought of having something disturb the bliss that it generates is heresy. 

It's long until people have the strength to think for themselves and grow out of the mental cages in which they have been placed. 

There is much happening in the universe. There are other galaxies out there, there are other suns out there. 

Of course, mentioning the universe and Astronomy is next to criminal in societies who take their religious and philosophical beliefs to heart.

Should we counsel outcast couples to take the higher road (?) and move on to other communities where they are accepted or should they bite the bullet and stay right where they are to show folks on mainstreet that hey! the sky is not going to fall for their, in the eyes of others, perversity?

Now, were that to be the case, Latin America, and quite frankly, most of the United States of America would not exist. We are all mutts, curs, mongrels. Mixed breeds. And proud of it!

Our skies shine ever so bright, day and night.

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  1. You said very well. We should not be surprised then why they hate President Obama so much.

    I don't know what the couples should do or will decide to do but I have been fighting this racism for the 52 years that I have lived in America...only now I fight it for seniors, gays and Hispanics as well.

  2. Thanks, Raulito. Apparently, activists have their work cut out for them. Fuerza!