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Saturday, December 15, 2012

On a Gathering of Peaceful Minds

In light of the latest tragedy and the constant, senseless killings being witnessed in the United States, this blog advocates an immediate gathering of minds.

A gathering of peace-loving minds that will "come together to take meaningful action" and bring to light permanent and solid measures to put an end to the rampages which are now a common occurrence north of (and quite frankly, south of) the Rio Grande.  So common it has become natural. Surely there is a way out of this madness and people all over have a right to safety, security and peace of mind.

Deaths, be they caused by uncontrolled gun laws or by connivance, can be stopped if those at the receiving end join hands both literally and figuratively in a national peace effort, one such that will influence all levels of society and government. It can be done, it can be achieved.

Far too many people have lost their lives as in this latest calamitous event which saw the death of innocent children and adults alike. Surely,  there is a way - the impetus and the means - out there to enable that to happen. Take action and, by all means, make it meaningful!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On When Everything You Think You Know About People is Still in Progress

This is a photo circulating on Facebook about an unsconscionable, if that is the right word, happening one should never be exposed to: a New York citizen being killed, right on the spot and right under the very eyes of we do not know how many people, by a train!

Perhaps, a testament of the sickness and oblivion we all are suffering in this day and age when sensationalism wins the day and the virtues that make people people are nowhere to be found.

We have all thought the same thing: "how someone with nerves of steel and a compassionate heart could have rushed to the edge of the platform and saved the unfortunate victim from impending death," have we not?

We have. Granted we were not there to witness the tragedy and we do not know how, if at all, we would have reacted under that horrific circumstance. Now, really, where are we headed as humans? To an abyss?

Still, it is food for thought. What says you?

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Monday, November 12, 2012

On When Men in Positions of Power Cheat Their Asses Off

That's when things get nasty. For all involved. In this particular case, and you know which case I am talking about, there is a world at stake. Consequences of which would be irreparable if ever used on the side of evil. Blackmailing, for instance.

Should we carve this one up and see whether we find patterns? Not now. Not now because we do know know the first thing about what was going on behind the scenes: we do not know what, if at all, prompted the person in question to pursue an extra-marital affair with a very attractive woman or women; we do not know what arrangements, if any, the parties involved had or had established intramurally.

What is clear is that a man with a stellar career in his field of knowledge kissed and fell and had his balls handed back to him on a plate. Is he the first? Will he be the last?

Now, we are left with pundits holding forth on public TV as to why should or should not rake said man over the coals for his poor judgement.

What is left is the fact that the United States is a very conservative nation when it comes to affairs of the body, the lower-abdomen that is, and public officials, be they men or women, have to understand that they are walking on eggshells and they will have to respond for whatever deviant behavior thy might have engaged in. Perhaps in some other cultures infidelity is the norm and wives know their husbands are spending the night with the other woman and no eyebrows are raised.

Does that give us, the common types, a free pass to follow suit and liason with colleagues on the job? Beats me. If you are going to do it, make sure you are not bringing third, fourth, or any extra parties into the mess, for when it comes out into the open you will have to step up and man up. And therein, dear reader, lies the secret of secrets...

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

On When (Some) Women Sell Their Virtue to the Highest Bidder

It's either the height of liberalism, or one has really sold one's soul to the devil. Maybe it's both, and then, we may be wrong.

If it's the first, then all kudos to those reponsible for the whole production; if it's the second, we must speedily say that this is none of  our business. We are just commenting on something that has taken the whole online community by storm. What a storm!

If you don't know what we are talking about, then go here.

Many are the comments we have read on Facebook disparaging the woman's decision to sell herSelf on the Internet. She's been called a slut, and she has also been called a heroine:  a heroine for it is said the proceeds will be, at least 90 PER CENT of them, will be donated to charity, a slut, because, well...

This blog and its writer cannot pass judgement because on second thought (So, there was a first?), are we not all in the win for living in a part of this whole wide world where womenfolk, at least in SOME parts (Most of you KNOW it's not true...), can pretty much decide what is best for them? We like that. Imagine living where the opposite is the norm.

Still, we can't  help but find it funny that men (This dude!) will fork out close to a million dollars to have their (His) cherries and eat them, too. One can only think that the pickings are slim in HIS neck of the woods...

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Monday, September 17, 2012

On the Symbiotic Relationship Between Celebrities and the Paparazzi

English: Symbiotic Relationship Bee gathering ...
English: Symbiotic Relationship Bee gathering pollen from a fist-sized thistle head beside the Wisley glasshouse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The airwaves are abuzz with talk of how disappointed the heirs to the throne in the U.K. are when objectionable photos of the future queen are printed in tabloids in Europe. Now, food for thought! 

What we mean is that celebrities are complicit when they are caught red-handed... Obviously, when one seeks privacy, one will make sure that everything, absolutely everything, is put in place to protect one's privacy.

People with such high stakes ought to be more careful when dealing with their bipolar opposites in that unofficial photographers will move mountains to capture that impossible shot. The media, the lower media, let us put it that way, thrives on conflict and salacity. Obscenity, gore, and destruction are all that move the heavy machinery that churn out filth and degradation.

Celebrities often turn against the very system that enables them to be WHO they are. Now, one could not exist without the other. Either one takes very good care to protect one's integrity or one simply resigns to the fact that those unsolicited photographs will serve to pay the rent for unscrupulous journalists.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On Violence American Style.

Obviously, there's very little to be written about the subject considering that the airwaves and pages in print are abuzz with theories.

Such is life, it seems.

People are in shock. Both the dead and the living. Cause of gun violence not yet known. TV, video games, perceived threats? Will gun control help?

Folks are stumped for answers. The loss and the pain it keeps causing. Some in mystic lane are talking about collective karma. Really? Well, we don't know. What is beneath the surface?

Or, better still, what the living hell is going on?

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

On When The Facts of Life Are Too Out There to be Ignored

Luckily for us, Brazilians, this is a situation most of us no longer face.

Vanguardism, humanness and dignity have caught up with the times and most same-sex relationships are protected by our laws.

Luckily, at least, when it comes to gay rights, things have been improving, almost daily, to everyone's delight. This is not to say that things are easy - not at all. The going is really tough and activists have their work cut out for them. Still, we are so awfully sorry to learn that there's room for improvement in the most "advanced nation" in the world. Why is it taking so long? Will rude awakenings do the trick?

Watch the video for yourselves.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

On When The SlutWalk Reaches Our Shores and Parks

'No more violence!' her back reads.
It has! With signs and flags.

As Brazil is the dubbed-out version of our neighbors to the north of the Rio Grande, it was only just a question of time till the protests reached our shores.

For those of you who are in the dark, the SlutWalks are protests geared towards raising awareness of often misconceived ideas as to why women are disrepected not only in our neck of the woods, but as farther afield as Toronto, Jerusalem, Rio de Janeiro, amongst other metropolises around the world.

That is putting it simply. Women everywhere are fighting machismo and its evil corollary: suppresion of their innermost selves.

This one needs no captioning.
Porto Alegre saw its first edition on Saturday 18th last year and drew no more than a hundred walkers. Unlike this Sunday afternoon in which hundreds of women were on hand to march for their rights, and made it their business to let everyone present know what they had come for.

Brazilian women also have their grievances and think that male hegemony and localized mores have a say in what they are or are not allowed to wear.

Wearing short skirts and a band of fabric to cover their breasts should be each and every woman's prerrogative without bringing out the worst in machos everywhere. As is their right to wear whatever is available in their culture. After all, respect comes in all sizes.

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