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Monday, January 2, 2012

On When Old Mindsets Are Shattered

Occupy_nov17_PM_DSC_0083Image by Sunset Parkerpix via Flickr
What a year 2011 was. The Age of Transformation at full blast.

Lots happened: both here in our neck of the woods and all the way over across the Rio Grande; and over across the pond; all the way across in the Arabias. And lots happening still. Who knew?

From a fruit vendor igniting a spark that has transformed the landscape to a vanguardist speech at the UN vis à vis LGBT rights.

We have also seen the rise of the Occupy movement in the United States with offshoots reaching all across the world, to phone-tapping schemes to fish out lurid details that sell newspapers being brought to light.

It seems like people, prior to this, the sheeple, are waking up. A rude awaking?

Maybe not. People are beginning to feel that life has more to it than meets the eye. Life is more than the consumerism prevalent, especially, where most of my readers come from. Life has substance. A different one.

Obviously the Establishment was not counting on the effect their ill-advised policies and decisions had on people. Luckily, now, those who are on the receiving end are saying enough is enough, we are cop to your jive. The sheeple, pardon! we, the people, are getting our message across. We know they are listening.

Still, activists have their hands full with their work cut out for them only to realize that  their plates are overflowing with all sorts of injustices that have to be addressed. Will it ever end?

Hope, still, is what keeps people going. Hope fuels their drive. Hope. Hope. Hope! Perhaps this is what the Mayans were predicting: the world, as we know it, is  coming to and end. Here's to a new cycle, then. A good one! Still...

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  1. Yes Mauro, we here see a lot of hope. Hope that the otherwise aloof and disengaged American will wake up...some already have. Hope that in this awakening the real outcome would be the strengthening of democracy and a government that is truly representative of the majority of the people.
    There is hope for America and there is hope for the world. I know I don't have to tell you about Brazil because you guys down there are the eternal hopefuls...hope has always been what kept you going along with strength of character and resolve.
    Frankly, there is a lot more hope for Brazil seeing the way things are than for the rest of the world. At least that is the way it looks from where I stand.

  2. I am with you on this one. We have to hope that 2012 will signify a change for teh better in our society. We have to stop all this nonsense and get to work on fixing and adressing all the important things that will affect us as a planet and a global society.
    Let's hope the Mayans saw something in us that I, to be perfectly frank, do not see.
    But I am ever hopeful that I am wrong....

  3. I sound repetitive when I say you guys add to the text.

    @Raulito, surely we've been making lots of headway financially and otherwise. Regardless, there's lots of ground to be covered. We WILL get there!

    @Stan, I have hope, too. As we've been witnessing left and right, there is what new agers call "a shift in consciousness." Let the new year ring THAT in!