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Monday, February 13, 2012

On Escaping Life's Tough Realities

Only the gods know the torments people go through in life. Only the gods know what people consume to assuage their pain. We are quick to judge when this or that celebrity dies or is found floating in their bathtubs or stretched thin on their beds.

Some people find solace in breathing fresh air out in the country or walking along the beach "to collect their thoughts"; others will resort to pharmaceuticals and other heavy duty stuff to give them some respite from the vicissitudes of life that, more often than not, are imposed on them; others will force themselves into oblivion merely to escape their sad realities...

Whichever way you split the tablet, it all comes down to one simple fact: Life is hard. No one has ever told you that It was all going to be a bowl of cherries or scoops of chocolate ice-cream. You've got to show your mettle and tell Life the stuff you are made of. Actually, those who wend the spiritual path and, perhaps our own meditations, have demonstrated that Life's woes make you stronger. Some, unluckily, will not be able to crack their whip and show their monsters "who's boss". We feel touched, for in them we see our own weaknesses.

Perhaps that's why we are on this Earth. Being awake, however, is priceless!