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Monday, March 19, 2012

On When Seasons Change

South of the Equator, Autumn/Fall will be knocking on our doors early tomorrow. Precisely at 2h14 AM! Actually, it'll be sneaking in for we will all be in bed, so conventional wisdom tells us. 

Now, imagine going to bed with A and waking up with B... Weird, isn't it? C'est la nature... Alternatively, folks north of the Equator will be waking up with Persephone. Make sure you treat Her right, for she has endured hell. 

With this bit of factual information, i hereby offer my apologies to my frequent readers for I have been busy engaged in other "stuff", and consequently unable to pay due attention to my blog. It would've been sassy, impertinent, of me to say that i've "gotten a life"... i wish i could elaborate on that, but i won't. For now...

In the interim, make sure you load up on your vegetables and plenty of fluids to prepare your lovely selves for the Summer. I will be loading up on Vitamin C and loads of the remaining sunshine to stock up on the D. They say it's important.

Here's hoping you engage in all the juicing you can lay your hands on, and to your radiant health, cheers!

P.S.: Almost forgot, go take a walk in the park. Enjoy the Sun.


  1. Take care of yourself, Mauro, and enjoy the snow that we didn't get this year. :)

    1. Thanks, J.P. Snow? If we get that lucky...

  2. I noticed that you have been concentrating on FACEBOOK and the blog I love so much has less frequent posts.
    I am one who still hasn't figured out FACEBOOK...I can see what you have written but that is about it.


  3. Saludos, Raulito.

    Still, i've been meaning to post on the blog. i just don't seem to find the time. There's so much going on in your neck of the woods, and in mine! And in the world... Oy vey!

  4. Mauro, there is much to do and not enough time to do it all. Have a lovely fall!

  5. Enjoy your Spring, Kyle. Thanks!