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Sunday, May 27, 2012

On When The SlutWalk Reaches Our Shores and Parks

'No more violence!' her back reads.
It has! With signs and flags.

As Brazil is the dubbed-out version of our neighbors to the north of the Rio Grande, it was only just a question of time till the protests reached our shores.

For those of you who are in the dark, the SlutWalks are protests geared towards raising awareness of often misconceived ideas as to why women are disrepected not only in our neck of the woods, but as farther afield as Toronto, Jerusalem, Rio de Janeiro, amongst other metropolises around the world.

That is putting it simply. Women everywhere are fighting machismo and its evil corollary: suppresion of their innermost selves.

This one needs no captioning.
Porto Alegre saw its first edition on Saturday 18th last year and drew no more than a hundred walkers. Unlike this Sunday afternoon in which hundreds of women were on hand to march for their rights, and made it their business to let everyone present know what they had come for.

Brazilian women also have their grievances and think that male hegemony and localized mores have a say in what they are or are not allowed to wear.

Wearing short skirts and a band of fabric to cover their breasts should be each and every woman's prerrogative without bringing out the worst in machos everywhere. As is their right to wear whatever is available in their culture. After all, respect comes in all sizes.

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