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Monday, September 17, 2012

On the Symbiotic Relationship Between Celebrities and the Paparazzi

English: Symbiotic Relationship Bee gathering ...
English: Symbiotic Relationship Bee gathering pollen from a fist-sized thistle head beside the Wisley glasshouse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The airwaves are abuzz with talk of how disappointed the heirs to the throne in the U.K. are when objectionable photos of the future queen are printed in tabloids in Europe. Now, food for thought! 

What we mean is that celebrities are complicit when they are caught red-handed... Obviously, when one seeks privacy, one will make sure that everything, absolutely everything, is put in place to protect one's privacy.

People with such high stakes ought to be more careful when dealing with their bipolar opposites in that unofficial photographers will move mountains to capture that impossible shot. The media, the lower media, let us put it that way, thrives on conflict and salacity. Obscenity, gore, and destruction are all that move the heavy machinery that churn out filth and degradation.

Celebrities often turn against the very system that enables them to be WHO they are. Now, one could not exist without the other. Either one takes very good care to protect one's integrity or one simply resigns to the fact that those unsolicited photographs will serve to pay the rent for unscrupulous journalists.

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