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Thursday, October 25, 2012

On When (Some) Women Sell Their Virtue to the Highest Bidder

It's either the height of liberalism, or one has really sold one's soul to the devil. Maybe it's both, and then, we may be wrong.

If it's the first, then all kudos to those reponsible for the whole production; if it's the second, we must speedily say that this is none of  our business. We are just commenting on something that has taken the whole online community by storm. What a storm!

If you don't know what we are talking about, then go here.

Many are the comments we have read on Facebook disparaging the woman's decision to sell herSelf on the Internet. She's been called a slut, and she has also been called a heroine:  a heroine for it is said the proceeds will be, at least 90 PER CENT of them, will be donated to charity, a slut, because, well...

This blog and its writer cannot pass judgement because on second thought (So, there was a first?), are we not all in the win for living in a part of this whole wide world where womenfolk, at least in SOME parts (Most of you KNOW it's not true...), can pretty much decide what is best for them? We like that. Imagine living where the opposite is the norm.

Still, we can't  help but find it funny that men (This dude!) will fork out close to a million dollars to have their (His) cherries and eat them, too. One can only think that the pickings are slim in HIS neck of the woods...

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