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Monday, November 12, 2012

On When Men in Positions of Power Cheat Their Asses Off

That's when things get nasty. For all involved. In this particular case, and you know which case I am talking about, there is a world at stake. Consequences of which would be irreparable if ever used on the side of evil. Blackmailing, for instance.

Should we carve this one up and see whether we find patterns? Not now. Not now because we do know know the first thing about what was going on behind the scenes: we do not know what, if at all, prompted the person in question to pursue an extra-marital affair with a very attractive woman or women; we do not know what arrangements, if any, the parties involved had or had established intramurally.

What is clear is that a man with a stellar career in his field of knowledge kissed and fell and had his balls handed back to him on a plate. Is he the first? Will he be the last?

Now, we are left with pundits holding forth on public TV as to why should or should not rake said man over the coals for his poor judgement.

What is left is the fact that the United States is a very conservative nation when it comes to affairs of the body, the lower-abdomen that is, and public officials, be they men or women, have to understand that they are walking on eggshells and they will have to respond for whatever deviant behavior thy might have engaged in. Perhaps in some other cultures infidelity is the norm and wives know their husbands are spending the night with the other woman and no eyebrows are raised.

Does that give us, the common types, a free pass to follow suit and liason with colleagues on the job? Beats me. If you are going to do it, make sure you are not bringing third, fourth, or any extra parties into the mess, for when it comes out into the open you will have to step up and man up. And therein, dear reader, lies the secret of secrets...

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  1. That is why I admire the French so much. I think it was at Miterrand's funeral where the widow and the mistress walked arm in arm, it was a refreshing sight during a somber moment.

    Why do we worry about a public servant getting a blow job if he is doing a great job? Beats me.


    1. Beats me, too, Raulito. The obsesssion...

  2. In the United States it's all about control, who controls us, how do we get to control someone else. When someone veers off of the proscribed track we get frightened and someone has to pay for being human.

  3. Mauro, in the US we spend way too much time on things like this. I'm not sure if it is due to our generally prudish nature, our love of spectacle, or something else all together.

    1. Difficult to put your finger on it, Kyle. Maybe it's all the above, maybe it's part of being human, for what the other does will affect us immensely. We all love a good show, too. We love when we realize that the high and mighty have flaws just as we do.