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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On When Everything You Think You Know About People is Still in Progress

This is a photo circulating on Facebook about an unsconscionable, if that is the right word, happening one should never be exposed to: a New York citizen being killed, right on the spot and right under the very eyes of we do not know how many people, by a train!

Perhaps, a testament of the sickness and oblivion we all are suffering in this day and age when sensationalism wins the day and the virtues that make people people are nowhere to be found.

We have all thought the same thing: "how someone with nerves of steel and a compassionate heart could have rushed to the edge of the platform and saved the unfortunate victim from impending death," have we not?

We have. Granted we were not there to witness the tragedy and we do not know how, if at all, we would have reacted under that horrific circumstance. Now, really, where are we headed as humans? To an abyss?

Still, it is food for thought. What says you?

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  1. The decision to post this pic is controversial enough. The headline for the pic is what should get people fired. They could have gone in any number of other directions but leave it to the Post to pick the lowest.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Sean. Folks in Media Studies will have loads to talk about.

  2. The Post doesn't need me to defend them, so I won't. They are just a reflection of our society and it's need for cheap and distasteful sensationalism. What I will say is that no matter how close or far I was to the incident, whipping out my camera and snapping pictures would have been the last thing to have crossed my mind.

    Also since this kind of thing has been happening since I was a child if not before, why then has NYC not put up barriers to prevent tragedies like this from happening as they have in many other major cities of the world? Is it still all about the buck?

    1. Thanks, Curious.

      You add to our questions. Public safety in paper only?

  3. It's beyond despicable that they would post the headline as is, much less the photo. $ rules again.