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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On When Tiny Nations Jump Two Steps Ahead

So far, today, the news coming out of Montevideo, Uruguay, are the best in the week, at least for some us.

It has just been announced that Marriage Equality is soon to be a reality in this pocket size country in southern Latin America.

We've read the Senate in that country has voted overwhelmingly 23-8 to make marriage equality an undeniable fact for LGBT citizens.

The lower house is expected to give the go ahead to modifications in the bill in the next few weeks when it's going to be ready to be signed into law by President Jose Mujica.

Meanwhile, in our neck of the woods and in the United States, folks have been granted that most fundamental of human rights piecemeal, in bite-sized portions. As if to say: "there, there now, I'll give you this much right now and if you just wait a little longer,  mother will give a bigger slice of the pie.

It's perfectly all right. We can wait. We have eyes to see, ears to hear,  and an infinite amount of patience.

Here's hoping for that whole pie, with its fresh aroma, and crusty, crispy bite.

Congrats, Hermanos!

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