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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On When Tiny Nations Jump Two Steps Ahead | Part 2

What should we be writing about today? North Korea's blustery antics? Background checks when buying guns in the United States? Endless and senseless wars in the Middle East?

Well, none of those.

We'll be picking up where we left off by talking about France and how the Senate in that country has made equality marriage a reality earlier today. The thing is, we/they are not entirely there yet in that there are a few loose ends that have to be tied up before that is made official.

They better get moving or they will be left eating dust because in Uruguay (see previous post), just a couple of hours ago, lawmakers voted to legalize gay marriage, making adoption and other family rights which are granted exclusively to straight couples, a fact of everyday life. The twelfth nation  in the world to adopt gay marriage.

In ten days' time, Uruguaians will be celebrating on the streets; that's when their president, Jose Mujica, will put the law in the books. Will you be joining the party?

Meanwhile in France, today's vote is pivotal in the whole equality marriage debate after France's lower house of parliament approved legislation in February by a vote of 329 -229. However, on their agenda today, was a bill, Article 1, establishing gender-neutral language to refer to spouses with 179 Yes! votes against 157 to the contrary.

Remember that pie in the previous post - top pastry and bottom pastry with a delicious filling in between? It's in the oven...  French couples should be able to savour it by next week after a weekend of marathon voting when they will have decided, we are hoping and waiting, whether same-sex couples are allowed to adopt and be able to get additional rights as married couples. Will they be joining Uruguay?

Here's hoping (lifts a glass of wine) those lovely folks in France give us a slice of that exquisite dish they are now baking in the name of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!


That's nothing less than a revolution, we hope.

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