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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On When Brazil is in the News

This Blog jubilantly announces that this is a red-letter date for LGBT citizens in Brazil.

It has emerged that the National Council of Justice in Brazil, which is responsible for the Brazilian judicial system,  has ruled that: "Notaries are prohibited from refusing to recognize the union of same-sex couples" and that they "may not refuse to convert stable unions between same-sex couples into marriage." 

The wonderful news about the decision came early on today and left future brides and grooms all fired up to reclaim those rejected plans they had made to tie the knot.

Now, go here, Freedom to Marry to learn more about the citations above and the convoluted, two-step precess we were subjected to in order to get where we are marriage-wise.

We say: Viva! Actually, we need many Vivas for the bible set was quick to condemn (Are you surprised?) the ruling by saying that this was going to be the "end of Brazil!"

As to the end, we will be waiting lying down... Meanwhile, join us for pie and champagne.

Where else in the world can you find Igualdade?

In the European Union:

1- The Netherlands
2 - Belgium
3 - Spain
4 - Sweden
5 - Portugal
6 - Denmark
7 - Norway
8 - Iceland
9 - France

Elsewhere in the world:

10 - South Africa
11 - New Zealand
12 - Canada

In Latin America:

13 - Argentina
14 - Uruguay
15 - Brazil 

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