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Monday, November 4, 2013

On When What Goes Around, Comes Around

English: Clynotis severus, Female, Austin's Fe...
English: Clynotis severus, Female, Austin's Ferry, Tasmania, Australia(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cryptically, or perhaps not so cryptically, this short text is to remind us all that every action has a reaction. That is precisely why this blog, and this writer, are of the opinion that we have to strive to do Good to whoever/whatever.

Practicing goodess and fairness is good and fair for the doer and for the recipient. Mutually beneficial. Win-win.

Usually, people will go through hell through no fault of their own, or because they are ensnared in a situation, caught in a web, from which they cannot extricate themselves. This is a very common occurrence in life. Surely when we make choices we have to abide by the consequences.

This blog, let us put it this way, may have an ulterior motive to be writing about this. Care to explain? No, not at the moment. Suffice it to say that we have been victims and witnesses to gross injustices. And no! We are not gloating.  We are just stating a fact. Such fact, mind you, is the very essence of this text. It serves to remind us and inspire us to keep on keeping on while travelling on the narrow road.

They say Karma is a bitch; she'll find you wherever you care to hide. Rather, you can't hide!  Nowhere!

She has eyes in the back of Her head.

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