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Thursday, December 12, 2013

On When Life is Not a Bowl of Cherries

You are probably aware that this blog celebrates and encourages human rights of all sorts and is blatantly partial to LGBT rights, wherever they may be.

Now, we cannot help but be struck by the latest news we hear about two deflating moments in LGBT history in the world. One in India, one in Australia. At this point, we do not wish to bore you with the details of what went down except the fact that we find both to be retrogressive, unconscionable, and cruel.

This is strange, really. For at the matrix, that is, the source of such incomprehensible goings-on, folks are expected to say I do! come March next year. Yay! to them!!!

Onward! This may be a temporary defeat. THIS battle may be lost, but others
will come. Setbacks are marvellous tools for better strategizing and better reconnoitering. We are sure LGBT activists in both of these lands are fast at work devising ways and means to reach  an acceptable end, one that is agreeable to all the parties.

Meanwhile, all too conscious that life is not an enticing bowl of luscious red fruit, we will go in search of better news.

Hope springs eternal.

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  1. Sadly, some countries have criminalized homosexuality and attached a death penalty. Discrimination and humiliation is bad enough, death by execution from a retrograde government of a backwards society is unacceptable and odious.
    But make no mistake about it, here in America, if the Christianist homophobes had their say, not only would homosexuality be criminalized but we'd all be hanging from trees.

    1. In that case, GOD FORBID!, raulito! Stay away from them. :D