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Thursday, October 17, 2013

On When Countries Shut Down And Then Come Back

United States Capitol
United States Capitol (Photo credit: Jack in DC)
It's with a sigh of relief that this blog welcomes the news out of the United States reporting that the partial shutdown of the government has now come to an end, thus averting a crisis with global economic ramifications (therein our interest).

Federal workers will now be allowed to go back to work and business, as usual, will be conducted, at least for the time being. For detailed factual information, check your preferred news source.

You see, an eleventh hour bipartisan deal managed to bring the country back to its senses. That is absolutely laudable. The crisis, manufactured or not, is a sign of thigs to come: analysts here and there are quick to point out that the "can has been kicked down the road" and that eventually the whole crisis will be back on radio talk shows and TV screens.

We shudder at the thought, for we are all for understanding and rational thinking. We believe that the constant bickering between two parties, be they political or otherwise, only serve one purpose: to make things worse. Dialogue and commons sense in the best interest of all is the ultimate goal. Of course, you will say, that is wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking or not, we are idealists and hope for a better world for all, here and there.

Good luck again.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

On When Governments Shut Down, Partially or Otherwise, It Can't be Good

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Easing back into writing mode, let me take a minute to comment on a still developing story which has to do with the current impasse in Washington D.C.

I am talking about the American government partial shutdown and its possible consequence not only for the United States, but for countries south of the Rio Grande. A partial shutdown with global economic ramifications.

You should bear in mind that I am no economist and my views are merely rhetorical and entirely personal as I consume the facts via social media and other news outlets,

Should the American government come to a grinding halt, and all but the essentials be closed for business, one thing that I can  immediately think of is the fact the companies that depend on the U.S. for their day to day affairs will be strongly hit. As an example: travel agencies, especially as they deal directly with American embassies and consulates and the fact that immigrant and non-immigrant visa processing would only continue while funds last, plus their attendant service industries and their employees.

The reaction in our neck of the woods has been significant for this country is a huge trade partner of the United States. In other words, we do a great deal of business together. Should anything happen to the American economy, you can be sure that the ripple effect will be felt where we are.

As for the fact that the current debacle is about health care and whether the average citizen should have access to affordable alternatives, I think this is something only voters have a say on.  I've got zilch, nada, to say on the subject. It's a matter of choice.

Meanwhile, the simple folk north and south of the coveted border are grinding on day by day, as surely as the sun rises in the East every morning, free and nuclear for everyone.

Good luck!

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