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Monday, February 3, 2014

On Yet Another Case of Drug Abuse Gone Wrong, Very Wrong.

So, here I am attempting to comment on the many horrors attendant on the drug abuse scourge specifically, but not exclusively, in the western world and how lives, famous and not so famous, are abbreviated because of it.

On hearing news that this or that celebrity has died because of drug overdose, I am reminded of our own skeletons in our closets and how they rattle when no one is looking. Not that I do drugs, I don't!  I simply take the bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground.

I am not gloating, either. The catharsis is that I feel empowered by the realization that I have made it this far without consuming poison (I am not judging you if you, mind you.). Not that person in the news. He/she did not make it. I am often left wondering: "How could they not with all the endless resources at their disposal?" I wish it were that simple. It is not.

It sounds repetitive to say that what you see is not what you get when it comes to celebrities. The many devils poking them while they put on a brave face, or any other they manage to pull out of attire, for public viewing. By the way, and all of this based on facts, the telltale signs that something is "amiss" are all there, etched dramatically on the faces of the afflicted.  Was the premature aging a sign that something was not going well? That sad look, which no amount of acting will conceal?

To make matters worse, it's interesting and altogether mystifying that someone out there is supplying the weak-hearted with various chemicals they can apply intravenously or otherwise, regardless of the consequences. I think there should be accountability.

I am reminded of a book, Further Along The Road Less Traveled, in which the author seems to suggest that those afflicted with addictions seem to want a way out, or a way back into what they experienced when in the womb - that lovely state where nothing could affect them but the nourishment that filtered through from their mothers.

As in the latest case, I do not know. ALL I know is that something gave and the thread snapped... Questions abound as to why people will resort to such drastic measures to drown out their pain.

What could people do to hoist themselves from the bottomless pits they have placed themselves into? Why do people return to addiction after being placed in rehab? What would WE do if caught in this web of hopelessness?

It's not like I am the only one left wondering why this is so. I'll come back to this text when I have the answers. Meanwhile, feel free to join me in sending out a thought of sympathy to those afflicted with silent torments. May they find their Inner Peace, however illusive it may be.

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