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Monday, July 28, 2014

On When Children are the Greatest Victims in Conflicts

Israel 1 036 Little palestinensic boys
Israel 1 036 Little palestinensic boys (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You are by now up to your neck with information regarding the conflict between Israel and Palestine and your pendulum might swing to either one or the other side of the warring parties.

Regardless of your preference, what has brought about this blog post is the images of children being torn to pieces, or even more horrifically, being smashed flat when bombed out buildings collapse in on them.

Not good.  Hopes dashed and future chances nullified for those kids fortunate enough to survive the carnage.

Folks across the wall will complain of endless rockets raining down on them; folks ejecting the rockets will complain of ever-widening occupation by the stronger neighbor.  A never-ending cycle of violence is the norm and deaths become banalized.

Further along in that seemingly unresolvable nightmare of violence and death, conflicts in other parts of the blighted region are raging on and on, with no sign of relief. Meanwhile, children forced out of their homes by the senseless skirmishes between the small and the big are eking out a living in neighboring countries. Far from schools or other modes of learning. What future? No future.

This is all happening under our very eyes, that is, right in front of us, on our TV screens. Our politicians and diplomats, fearful of commitment for this or that reason, fail to come up with a solution to bring and end to the heartache and pain. Protests ensue in the world's greatest capitals, but who's listening?

Apparently, nobody. What is this world coming to?

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  1. It is in so many ways a sad world we live in. Religion, ethnicity, politics, ideologies, economics, power, money are dividing us rather than bringing us together in peace and harmony. Thousands of years of history has taught us little...only now we have more terrifying ways to hate and destroy one another. And as individuals we so often feel powerless to do anything. Sad, very sad. Peace.