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Friday, August 1, 2014

On When You Set Out on an Expedition to Find Yourself

Folks on a particular stretch of the United States are lining the streets in hopes of catching a glance of a mysterious "Woman in Black".  TV images show people trying to approach her in an attempt to offer her encouragement or perhaps a drink of water. She resolutely ambles on without so much as a look sideways.

The "Woman in Black," whose identity, origin, and destination, is now revealed to all who care to find out, has set out on a quest of self-discovery. She is following in the steps of many a pilgrim before her, albeit in a different continent - Europe.

Santiago de Compostela, located in Spain, is a case in point. Folks who, for one reason or another, have had it with the world as it is, and who will only find solace in the solitude of their own selves, will begin a long journey by foot which begins in France and that will end in Spain. It's called the 'The Way of Saint James.'

Surely you might know of another route long known to be the express road to self-enlightenment. Feel free to inform us of its existence in the comments section of this post.

If the Woman in Black's attire is anything to go by, she has put a lot of thought into it. The photo illustrating this blog post is a a starting point for our judgement of this particular expedition.

Regardless of her innermostest motives, we stand aside and let her journey on, and on. It's a long, long road. We wonder if the stars above are guiding her way...

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