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Monday, April 21, 2014

On When Parents are the Culprits

Bernardo Boldrini
How Três Passos, a small town in inner Rio Grande do Sul, found itself in the midst of this larger than life event and how it has shaken their lives and their belief in the human race.

This is the perfect time to inform the world of how a family - a father and a stepmother - in southern Brazil, found the time and effort to murder their 11-year-old son on April 04 this year.Tell everyone how they used a lethal injection to kill the young man, and how they enlisted the help of a social worker, who was offered thousands of dollars,* to lend a hand in the act.

Bernardo's mother died when he was a small child.

For most people, what makes it mindboggling is that the father is a physician and the stepmother is a nurse.

Include in the text the fact that the parents drove miles and miles to another town, ostensibly to buy a new electronic gadget for the boy and, forgive us the pun, took him along for the ride to later find themselves in the woods, where they reportedly buried him alive; of the accounts of the boy having looked for help with local authorities and how he was being abused and nobody cared and had him returned home to his fate.

While they case is still ongoing, how folks in the small town of Três Passos claim for justice and want to skin the murderers alive. How this act could have been averted, had the signs of abuse and neglect been noticed and acted upon much earlier when the child was, reportedly, looking for help.

As we write, the parents are in custody and the police is busy investigating the case further.

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