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Thursday, November 12, 2015

On When the Environment is Merely Collateral Damage and Lives are Lost

Photo: Agência Brasil - Dam Rupture
For this blog post:

List environmental disasters, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, and over in other continents;

Analyse their effect on wildlife and on the people directly impacted;

Write a few words on the inability of big businesses to anticipate such occurrences and how they resort to public relations to cover up, mitigate, or obliterate their responsibility. How the judiciary is brought into the mix to put things right and apportion blame or acquittal through class-action suits, etc;

Suggest alternatives, if any, for future reference, and how they will fall on deaf ears thereby yielding no result, given that so many have happened all over the place.

Use as an anchor the recent events in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, when a BHP Billiton-Vale tailings dam burst and the subsequent toxic mudslide razed a village to the ground, literally.

And how in this particular case, folks are left to rebuild what little they had and to grieve over lives they will never see again.

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