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Friday, July 3, 2015

On When Love Knows no Bounds

When people are allowed to express what they store in their hearts, things flow more freely and folks are able to achieve more. Pent-up emotions and repression have never been kosher. They will never be.

When people are not allowed to grow to their full potential due to various obstacles such as ideological constraints, they become sad and disheartened. Not good.

Luckily for the LGBTI's in the United States, the Supreme Court there has recently acknowledged this fact and have, in a landmark ruling, made gay marriage a reality in the whole 50 states. Not that everything is a bowl of cherries now. Extremists are not taking this lying down.

It does not matter; that is, it matters for those who have directly been affected by the decision. This is what one fellow blogger, Kyle, over at Out Left had to say on the recent developments:

"Celebrate today. Breathe. It is a wonderful achievement as LGBTQ Pride Month comes to a close, but do not forget the sweat, blood, and lives lost over the last century to get to this point. This moment was not free. It had high costs. Go into tomorrow prepared to fight. Now the really, really hard work starts. Fill your lives with love and happiness and watch out for each other. That's the best way to deal with our opponents and the best way to fill the coming decades and build our continuing legacy."

Cheers to all those who are now celebrating and breathing a little easier. It's your moment!