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Monday, June 13, 2016

On When the Dark Side Takes Over

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While the latest attack on western liberties has left everyone in Orlando in shock and disbelief, we are quick to jump to conclusions. In this particular case, the murderer's religion and world view is to blame.

Not so fast, we say.

Western society is now dealing with a cauldron of possibilities. Including the ease with which lunatics can purchase weapons of war in the urbanest of settings. This blog post will dig deeper into the diabolical murderer's entrails and extract his heart.

After dissecting every fiber, this is what we offer: a severely conflicted individual. A conflict between the old and the new; between the backward and the modern; between ideological allegiances. A clash between mind and reason. A conflict of the self.

By slaughtering 49 innocent people and injuring tens of others at the nightclub, people with a very specific set of values, the gunman killed what he hated in himself. He killed his self, as do those to whom he pledged support before taking his last breath; they kill parts of their beings when they throw people off buildings; they're jettisoning the unacceptable in their make-up. I will therefore pluck mine own eye if it is the cause of my pain.

A same-sex kiss ignited a revolution in his core that had been there all along. Fissionable material. It wanted to be released.  A volcano. It did. In the worst possible way.

There's the story.

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